At any given time the world’s oceans are lit­tered with plastic fishing nets.

Typ­i­cally that trash would either drift along and per­haps ensnare a whale, sea turtle, or other marine life, or wash up on shore.

But a Mass­a­chu­setts native and two col­leagues from the North­east have a novel way to turn that pol­lu­tion into some­thing useful: recy­cling the nets into hip skateboards.

The three started a com­pany, Bureo Skate­boards, and have launched a Kick­starter cam­paign to raise funds to make their first run of cruiser-​​style skate­boards. The Kick­starter cam­paign is sched­uled through May 15 but Bureo has already received pledges far sur­passing its goal of $25,000.

More­over the com­pany has received $10,000 from the accel­er­ator pro­gram at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, where cofounder Ben Knep­pers of Mat­tapoisett received a degree in mechan­ical engi­neering in 2007.

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