There’s also a cul­tural resis­tance that stems, under­stand­ably, from the health and safety of research sub­jects’ being the boards’ utmost con­cern. IRBs have required pri­vacy pro­tec­tions for decades, but even today, if you take a stan­dard training on con­ducting human research, data secu­rity is an after­thought, said David M.J. Lazer, a pro­fessor of polit­ical and com­puter sci­ence at North­eastern University.

There’s nothing about IT prac­tices in that training,” he said. “Not one slide devoted to that. That’s just sort of the gen­eral truth. You’re not get­ting trained either in the issues of data secu­rity or how to create an infra­struc­ture to guard this stuff.”

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