North­eastern Uni­ver­sity law pro­fessor Martha Davis, who was part of a legal team that argued a mid-​​1990s case before the Supreme Court in sup­port of buffer zones in New York, pre­dicts that Mass­a­chu­setts abor­tion clinics will beef up secu­rity and expe­ri­ence more con­fronta­tions. as a result of Thursday’s ruling.

What I think we’re going to see is more crim­inal pros­e­cu­tions, and the police pres­ence is going to lend itself to that,” Davis said. “And then, in addi­tion, the state is going to want to make a record that the crim­inal pros­e­cu­tions and the indi­vidual policing are not suf­fi­ciently effec­tive — and if they can create that record then they’ll be in a posi­tion to go back to the buffer zone idea.”

Mass­a­chu­setts might be able to enact a smaller buffer zone that excludes public side­walks and rights of way, Davis said.

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