All eyes will be on the fed­eral jobs report today, with Pres­i­dent Obama hoping that June’s employ­ment num­bers sur­pass last month’s dismal growth.

Sev­eral econ­o­mists pointed yes­terday to the ADP National Employ­ment Report showing jobs growth in the pri­vate sector increased by 176,000 last month, which, if con­firmed by the fed­eral government’s fig­ures today, would con­sti­tute an increase over May’s abysmal 69,000 increase.

Alan Clayton-​​Matthews of the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity said the ADP report sur­prised him because “the news has been indi­cating a very weakly growing economy,” given the Euro­pean debt crisis and wide­spread man­u­fac­turing woes.

But, he said, many employers have enough cash to hire more workers.

Employers have been holding back on hiring, because they thought the economy was growing slowly,” he said.

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