The Obama admin­is­tra­tion has failed to meet a legal dead­line for scan­ning all ship­ping con­tainers for radioac­tive mate­rial before they reach the United States, a require­ment aimed at strength­ening mar­itime secu­rity and pre­venting ter­ror­ists from smug­gling a nuclear device into any of the nation’s 300 sea and river ports.

Stephen Flynn, a ter­rorism expert at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity and a former Coast Guard com­mander who has studied con­tainer secu­rity, said, “The cur­rent system is woe­fully inad­e­quate for stop­ping any deter­mined adver­sary who wants to get a weapon of mass destruc­tion into the United States.”

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