The back­drop to the day was TD Garden, where North­eastern Uni­ver­sity held its com­mence­ment. As 20,000 people clapped and roared, Gov. Deval Patrick con­ferred an hon­orary degree on Boston Police Com­mis­sioner Ed Davis for his han­dling of the marathon bomb­ings investigation.

Your extra­or­di­narily united efforts made pos­sible an inves­ti­ga­tion that moved with aston­ishing speed and focus, to iden­tify the sus­pects, enabling mil­lions to to feel of us to feel safer in our daily lives,” Patrick said.

The Gov­ernor also paid tribute to law enforce­ment and first respon­ders who sprung into action after the marathon bombings.

During the trau­matic attack on our city and in the hours and days that fol­lowed, you ran toward danger, to care for the injured, com­fort the bereaved, and keep our cit­i­zens safe from fur­ther harm, without regard for your per­sonal safety,” he said.

After the cer­e­mony, Patrick con­tinued to voice praise for law enforcement’s han­dling of the case.

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