A pos­sible cure to Parkinson’s dis­ease has been devel­oped to be taken through suf­ferers’ noses.

The dev­as­tating dis­order is caused by the death of dopamine neu­rons in a key area of the brain.

But a gene that restores and pro­tects dopamine can halt Parkinson’s if admin­is­tered direct to the brain.

It was thought this was only pos­sible by sur­gical injec­tion. But now a team at Dr Bar­bara Waszczak’s lab at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity in Boston has come up with a nasal treatment.

Rats given the therapy  car­ried on pro­ducing a pro­tein nour­ishing dopamine for long periods, avoiding the need for redosing.

Dr Waszczak’s said it “may pro­vide an effec­tive and non-​​invasive” therapy.

Parkinson’s, which leads to tremors, affects more than one per cent of over-​​60s.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, 71, was diag­nosed with the dis­ease in 1984.


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