The eight-​​member panel was led by Jack McDe­vitt, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity crim­i­nol­o­gist. It included the police chief in Natick, a former state mental health com­mis­sioner, a Har­vard public health researcher, a former gang pros­e­cutor in Suf­folk County, a psy­chi­a­trist, and the super­in­ten­dent of schools in Revere.

Com­mis­sion mem­bers said they met 15 times over the last nine months and inter­viewed gun owners, gun dealers, police offi­cers, mental health spe­cial­ists, school super­in­ten­dents, leg­is­la­tors, and par­ents of men­tally ill children.

The report urged Mass­a­chu­setts to join the National Instant Back­ground Check System, a fed­eral data­base that would allow police chiefs to screen out poten­tial gun buyers who have been found by a court to be men­tally ill. Mass­a­chu­setts is one of the few states that is not enrolled in that database.

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