Here’s how suspected Ebola patients can be restricted

State, local and fed­eral author­i­ties can all issue quar­an­tines, which sep­a­rate and restrict the move­ment of people who were exposed to a com­mu­ni­cable dis­ease. But it’s often state author­i­ties that […]

Job prospects looking up

In Sep­tember, the labor force increased for a third straight month, as people began to become more con­fi­dent in the chances of finding a job. “Labor force growth has been very […]

Obama fans Ebola travel ban fever

A com­puter model cre­ated by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity physi­cist Alexi Vespig­nani attempts to cal­cu­late the risks of global travel in the age of Ebola and sug­gests a travel ban would be […]