The Americans who stockpile guns

There are hun­dreds of mil­lions of guns in the United States—enough, according to sev­eral esti­mates, for every Amer­ican civilian adult to own more than one. But actual gun own­er­ship is far […]

Outrage over a coach’s comments

Dan Lebowitz, exec­u­tive director of North­eastern University’s Center for Study of Sport in Society, said it’s dis­ap­pointing to see col­lege coaches crit­i­cize player protests in this fashion. He was critical […]

Nano-​​meds could replace antibiotics

Micro­scopic par­ti­cles of bacteria-​​​​killing metal could some day be used to combat deadly infec­tions — a pos­sible anti­dote to antibiotic-​​​​resistant “super­bugs” that con­tinue to evolve faster than med­i­cine can advance. “Antibiotic […]