R.J. Cutler on Trump’s brand bump

The Repub­lican party made a con­certed effort this cycle to gain more con­trol over pres­i­den­tial pri­mary debates, lim­iting their number in hopes of avoiding the spec­tacle of 2012, when such […]

Some offshored manufacturing jobs return to US

Many modern man­u­fac­turing com­pa­nies need to have engi­neers and designers close to pro­duc­tion lines because of the com­plexity of prod­ucts and the need to update them fre­quently to keep up […]

Seeing the great white sharks below using drones

Vin­cent Harris, an elec­trical and com­puter engi­neering pro­fessor at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, believes that drones are a good, and rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive, way to patrol the Cape’s beaches as well. “My per­sonal feeling […]

Ashley Madison leak, Planned Parenthood video & MSNBC

Ashley Madison – Hackers are threat­ening to out mil­lions of cus­tomers of the web­site that pro­motes extra­mar­ital affairs. How should the media handle such dis­clo­sures? When are an individual’s sexual […]