Messrs. Eriksson and Rooth con­ducted their exper­i­ment in Sweden, but they argue their results likely apply to the U.S. as well, which has a rel­a­tively sim­ilar job market in many respects. But there’s some evi­dence their con­clu­sions may be opti­mistic.North­eastern Uni­ver­sity grad­uate stu­dent Rand Ghayad con­ducted a sim­ilar exper­i­ment in the U.S. last year. His research, which hasn’t yet been pub­lished, found that employers showed “a strong dis­taste for appli­cants with long spells of non-​​employment” — even when they had better expe­ri­ence than appli­cants who had been unem­ployed for less time.


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