Some of the signs, let­ters, stuffed ani­mals, and array of hats and shoes that once took over Copley Square fol­lowing the Boston Marathon attack on April 15, will be on dis­play during an exhibit to honor the vic­tims on the six month anniver­sary of the bombing, and will sup­ple­ment a dig­ital archive put together by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity researchers.

“Our Marathon,” a crowd-​​sourced, dig­ital archive of the Boston Marathon bomb­ings, opens on October 15, at North­eastern University’s Snell Library, and will fea­ture items placed at the scene of the hor­rific attack, which were later cat­a­logued and placed in the City of Boston Archives. The exhibit is an exten­sion of a dig­ital project launched by the school’s NULab for Texts, Maps, and Net­works, a new center for Dig­ital Human­i­ties and Com­pu­ta­tional Social Sci­ence, which has ded­i­cated time to com­piling thou­sands of dig­ital mem­o­ries stem­ming from the April 15 tragedy.

While the dis­play is a one-​​day event, the group has been col­lecting infor­ma­tion for the project since May, which is avail­able online. It has since become the largest col­lec­tion of dig­ital ref­er­ences of its kind.


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