Pres­i­dent Obama’s fifth State of the Union speech wasn’t his best, but it may have been his most enter­taining. Freed from the illu­sion that Repub­li­cans will ever work with him, the pres­i­dent last night was upbeat, funny and slash­ingly partisan.

He paid tribute to House Speaker John Boehner as “the son of a bar­keep,” forcing a pained smile and upraised thumb from his long­time nemesis. He ram­bled about the glo­ries of Oba­macare so that Repub­li­cans could be seen sit­ting on their hands for as long as pos­sible. And, in my favorite moment, he pulled a rhetor­ical switcheroo that put Repub­li­cans in the posi­tion of having to applaud gay people if they also wanted to be seen paying tribute to our Olympic athletes.

We believe in the inherent dig­nity and equality of every human being, regard­less of race or reli­gion, creed or sexual ori­en­ta­tion,” Obama said. “And next week the world will see one expres­sion of that com­mit­ment when Team USA marches the red, white and blue into the Olympic sta­dium and brings home the gold.” USA! USA!


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