Some Democ­rats, such as Michael Dukakis, the Demo­c­ratic pres­i­den­tial nom­inee in 1988 and a former gov­ernor of Mass­a­chu­setts, said the issue for Oba­macare is in part one of framing.

Democ­rats “have not done a very good job” of empha­sizing that the law ben­e­fits working fam­i­lies most, Dukakis said. “There are a lot of middle class folks with no health insur­ance or very poor health insurance.”

If you ask Repub­li­cans whether working Amer­i­cans should have decent afford­able health care, they would say yes,” he said.

Dukakis, who now teaches at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity in Boston, said the Mass­a­chu­setts health-​​care system, the model for Oba­macare, is “working beau­ti­fully” after dealing with startup prob­lems, and the national system can, too.

Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Sander Levin, a Michigan Demo­crat, said Repub­li­cans will fail if they try to exploit the flawed rollout, citing their unsuc­cessful efforts to pri­va­tize Social Secu­rity and the pop­u­larity of fed­eral pro­grams such as Medicare and the inter­state highway system.

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