Standing steps from Northeastern’s 3D printing studio Thursday night, vis­iting pro­fessor Janos Stone urged the hud­dled crowd of intrigued, inquiring stu­dents, “3D printing has barely been explored.”

The uni­ver­sity ush­ered in November by hosting a 3D Printing Week, in an effort to acquaint the com­mu­nity with the cutting-​​edge tools newly avail­able on the second floor of the Snell Library.

A dozen or so machines now qui­etly hum in the recently opened Dig­ital Com­mons, including full-​​size and smaller desktop printers, as well as 3D scan­ners and laser cut­ters. A MakerBot Repli­cator 2, which rings in at more than $2,000, can now be accessed by anyone with a valid North­eastern ID.

The most exciting thing about this lab is access,” said Mark Sivak, an assis­tant aca­d­emic spe­cialist at North­eastern, said in an email to BostInno. “Stu­dents from every col­lege and pro­gram in the uni­ver­sity — as well as alumni in the future — will have access to the studio, not just design or engi­neering or other dis­ci­plines that more com­monly use this technology.”

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