In 2006, when he came to North­eastern Uni­ver­sity from the Uni­ver­sity of Southern Cal­i­fornia, one of Joseph Aoun’s first deci­sions was to move the president’s office to Rox­bury. Now, as he works on the latest leap in the school’s decades-​​long trans­for­ma­tion, Aoun is trying to bring Northeastern’s campus to him.

North­eastern offi­cials aim to make a new sci­ence center in Rox­bury the first building in a 10-​​year master plan that includes up to $2 bil­lion in con­struc­tion projects. “We felt that this is a prime state­ment,” Aoun said in an inter­view in his offices, which over­look the planned site for the sci­ence center. “The most impor­tant aspect of the new master plan, which is fur­thering our research capa­bil­i­ties and lead­er­ship, is going to be done on our foot­print facing and engaging the community.”

At 3 mil­lion square feet of pro­posed new con­struc­tion on uni­ver­sity land, Northeastern’s plan is more than twice the size of Har­vard University’s master plan for All­ston. With up to 2 mil­lion square feet of new aca­d­emic facil­i­ties, it rep­re­sents the building com­po­nent of a third phase in Northeastern’s trans­for­ma­tion from a com­muter col­lege to a research institution.

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