Located in the heart of Boston, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity has a lot to offer. One pro­gram that takes my school to the next level, how­ever, is the co-​​op pro­gram. To put it simply, when a stu­dent is on co-​​op, they are working during the semester instead of taking classes. It’s like a pre­view of the real world and what being an adult is like (kind of). When it comes to inter­view season, stu­dents put their best dress shoe for­ward and prac­tice their inter­view skills with whichever room­mate hap­pens to be around. Due to our pop­ular co-​​op pro­gram, stu­dents are used to dressing pro­fes­sion­ally and looking put together. This job-​​ready atti­tude lends itself to North­eastern stu­dents’ just as com­posed off-​​the-​​clock style.

While stu­dents at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity have a career-​​focused mind, they do release some cre­ative steam through their clothing choices. When they’re not prep­ping for inter­views or taking the train to work everyday, they show off their one-​​of-​​a-​​kind style. We’ve got stu­dents who made sneakers look fash­ion­able long before they became trendy, those who effort­lessly rock trop­ical print button-​​downs and stu­dents who dress to the beat of their own drum. Whether stu­dents dress with or without fashion trends in mind, they main­tain a pro­fes­sional bal­ance in their everyday attire that trans­lates through well thought out looks and atten­tion to detail. Whether it’s by simply wearing well-​​fitting gar­ments, a chic button-​​down and sweater combo or snazzy boots, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity stu­dents are far more fashion con­scious than they give them­selves credit for.

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