A class of North­eastern Uni­ver­sity stu­dents trav­eling in South Africa met with Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu and a former cell­mate of Nelson Man­dela this week.

The stu­dents said in a Skype inter­view today that both dis­cus­sions cen­tered on the anti-​​apartheid move­ment and Mandela’s legacy. Man­dela, the former pres­i­dent of South Africa and leader of the anti-​​apartheid rev­o­lu­tion, has been in the news most recently because of his rapidly dete­ri­o­rating health.

The stu­dents said that Ahmed Kathrada, Mandela’s cell­mate for 26 years, was clearly devoted to Mandela.

Kelly Ward, a North­eastern inter­na­tional affairs major, said that when one stu­dent asked him who else could have served as the leader of the anti-​​apartheid move­ment, he answered that “there would not have been another.”

He didn’t even enter­tain the ques­tion,” Ward said.

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