t is no crime to have an imag­i­nary friend.
Specif­i­cally, in the bizarre case of Notre Dame line­backer Manti Te’o and the woman who didn’t exist, unless it can be estab­lished that someone was guilty of inten­tional fraud, resulting in a finan­cial impact on someone, no legal ram­i­fi­ca­tions exist.
“I was talking to my wife about this,” said North­eastern Uni­ver­sity law pro­fessor Roger Abrams, who has written exten­sively on sports and law, “and she said, ‘Maybe there was a plan [aimed at Te’o] to have a fund estab­lished that would bring in money to cure the dis­ease that killed this fic­ti­tious woman … ‘
“I said, ‘Yep, then it would be fraud.’ But we haven’t heard any­thing about money being involved in this.”

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