Believe it or not, the experts say this idea might actu­ally work. Pro­fessor Stephanie Pol­lack, of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, says that while we often vaguely dis­cuss fixing the MBTA in the future, tying the project to the Olympics would focus our attention.

If you’re going to host the Olympics, now you have to get it done on a cer­tain day,” Pol­lack says. “It gives you a cal­endar that you cannot miss, and public projects don’t usu­ally have this.”

Pol­lack also says that although the idea of using the Olympics to fix the MBTA is slightly trou­bling, it could rally people to the cause. “Infra­struc­ture invest­ment is a slow, painful, long-​​term process. It’s not very inter­esting and not very exciting. Things like the Olympics create excite­ment and allow people to over­come boredom and inertia that usu­ally come with infra­struc­ture invest­ments,” she says.

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