City Opera opens its season Tuesday night with the US pre­miere of Mark-​​Anthony Turnage’s opera Anna Nicole at BAM, fol­lowed by three more pro­duc­tions in the winter and spring.

Patricia Illing­worth, editor of Giving Well: The Ethics of Phil­an­thropy, ques­tioned City Opera’s man­age­rial his­tory and said it must assure donors that their money will be used respon­sibly. “Crowd­funding is a great idea,” she said. “But there really are no guar­an­tees here. There’s no quality con­trol. The worst thing from an eth­ical point of view is a waste of money.”

City Opera has not said how it will pro­ceed if the $7 mil­lion goal isn’t met by Sept. 30, whether it will present a par­tial season or look to next year.


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