The big news in the Big Apple this week may be what didn’t happen.

There was not a single reported slaying, stab­bing, shooting or knifing in any of the five bor­oughs on Monday, according to the New York Police Department.

It is unusual in a city of 8 mil­lion people, but we never read that much into one day,” said Deputy Police Com­mis­sioner Paul Browne, who said it was the “first time in memory” that the city had had such a lull in vio­lent crime.

The violence-​​free stretch spanned 36 hours, starting Sunday evening when a man was shot in the head and lasted until Tuesday morning with another shooting, police said.

For a city that once suf­fered from high crime rates, Monday’s feat fits into a broader trend of drop­ping homi­cide rates, police say.

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