On April 20, Lafe Solomon, the acting gen­eral counsel of the National Labor Rela­tions Board (NLRB), issued a com­plaint against Boeing. Two years ago, the com­pany had announced it was trans­fer­ring the pro­duc­tion of 2,000 air­planes from a union­ized plant in Puget Sound, Wash­ington, to a non-​​union plant out­side Charleston, South Car­olina. According to Solomon’s com­plaint, what made this deci­sion illegal was the company’s motive. High-​​level Boeing offi­cials had stated pub­licly that the move was being made in response to strikes — four over the pre­vious two decades — led by the machin­ists’ union at the Puget Sound facility. If Boeing had said the move was dic­tated by costs or by the weather, the NLRB would not have cried foul.

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