On June 12, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity named Dov Waxman as the new co-​​director of its Middle East Center. Prior to the announce­ment, a single director, Denis Sul­livan, headed the department.

Waxman plans to bring greater bal­ance in course cov­erage to Northeastern’s Middle East Center, which has become a hotbed of con­tro­versy because of the cam­paign waged by Amer­i­cans for Peace and Tol­er­ance (APT), which exposes anti-​​Israel and anti-​​Semitic sen­ti­ment in higher edu­ca­tion. “Very often uni­ver­si­ties’ Middle East Cen­ters, for a variety of rea­sons, neglect or exclude Israel from their dis­cus­sion,” Waxman said.

The new co-​​director plans on teaching a host of courses at North­eastern that focus on Israel rather than just its Arab neigh­bors. Waxman hopes to teach courses on the effects of the Arab Spring on Israel, the Israeli-​​Palestinian con­flict, Israeli pol­i­tics and for­eign policy, and inter­na­tional rela­tions. Waxman intends to pro­vide an open forum for dis­cus­sion that encour­ages the study of mul­tiple view­points on con­tro­ver­sial topics such as the Israeli-​​Palestinian conflict.

Cur­rently Waxman serves as an asso­ciate pro­fessor of polit­ical sci­ence at Baruch Col­lege and at the Grad­uate Center of the City Uni­ver­sity of New York. His pri­mary aca­d­emic focus is on Israeli pol­i­tics and society, and he has closely exam­ined issues of Israeli iden­tity and its con­nec­tion to Jew­ish­ness, as well as the Israeli-​​Palestinian conflict.

In addi­tion to teaching, Waxman will pro­gram campus events related to Israel and the Middle East.

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