At North­eastern, Sean Casto said stu­dents from across the campus — from archi­tec­ture to engi­neering — con­stantly talk about start-​​ups. He started his mobile-​​app com­pany, PreApps​.com, while in school and, with a small amount of seed funding, is run­ning it out of a small New­bury Street office with two part-​​time employees and five col­lege interns.

Casto, 23, is well aware the odds are against him. But in the world of start-​​ups, failure is often syn­ony­mous with expe­ri­ence and could lead to the founding of another busi­ness or a job in a sim­ilar company.

In the long run, he said, “you can’t suc­ceed without failing.”

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