Firefox had to yank the new Firefox 16 this week because of a secu­rity problem. The flaw could have let hackers see a user’s browsing his­tory. Firefox has issued a patch, but it’s still not out of the woods.

Now, I use Firefox. I’ve resisted the allure of Google’s shiny Chrome browser because I’m wor­ried about pri­vacy. I ignore the cat­calls that I’m not cool because I use Firefox. I’ve never been cool. Why start now? But this secu­rity glitch has me spooked.

Jeff Howe, who teaches mul­ti­media jour­nalism at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, says he doesn’t think Firefox will lose a lot of users because of the flaw — that’s because people hate to change browsers. “They would rather curse under their breath, have Firefox auto­mat­i­cally pro­vide the patch,” he says.

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