Former UCLA bas­ket­ball star Ed O’Bannon was out­raged when he found out that a video game com­pany was using his image without paying him a dime. So he filed a lawsuit.

And last week, a fed­eral judge hearing his case issued a ruling that is poised to upset col­lege ath­letics as we know it. The judge said ath­letes like O’Bannon are enti­tled to a share of the bil­lions of dol­lars that their sports generate.

The deci­sion comes in the wake of a deci­sion from the NCAA itself that schools can pay stipends to ath­letes and loosen recruit­ment rules.

Does this mean col­lege ath­letics are going pro? Is this the end of a highly com­mer­cial­ized system that critics say was mas­querading as an edu­ca­tional enter­prise? And what does it mean to the handful of schools in the North­east with big Divi­sion One sports pro­grams, like Boston Col­lege and the Uni­ver­sity of Connecticut?

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