Sat­urday will mark the one-​​year anniver­sary of the New­town, Conn., school shooting that trag­i­cally claimed the lives of 20 young chil­dren and six staff mem­bers. While the local towns­folk opted not to hold any public obser­vances, Gov. Dannel Malloy has asked that churches across the state ring their bells 26 times, once for each victim of the massacre.

Throughout the year, there have been heart-​​wrenching ges­tures of sup­port for the grieving fam­i­lies, including a vigil with 26 can­dles attended last December by Pres­i­dent Obama and moments of silence at sporting events around the country. Last April’s Boston Marathon, before being eclipsed by its own cat­a­strophe, was ded­i­cated to New­town, one mile of the race for each victim.

These and other trib­utes to New­town have appar­ently ignored Nancy Lanza as a victim. She was fatally shot by her son Adam just hours before he launched his attack at the nearby Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary School. Worse than just being excluded from New­town remem­brances, in the court of public opinion Nancy Lanza is treated more as an acces­sory than as a victim.

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