There are no esti­mates on how many CNC-​​certified workers are needed, but an aging man­u­fac­turing work­force and wave of baby boomer retire­ments in coming years is expected to increase demand. A recent North­eastern Uni­ver­sityreport esti­mates that man­u­fac­turers will need to fill 100,000 jobs in Mass­a­chu­setts alone over the coming decade, with many of those jobs in so-​​called advanced man­u­fac­turing that requires CNC cer­tifi­cates or other credentials.

Last year, the state Leg­is­la­ture appro­pri­ated $18.75 mil­lion to an Advanced Man­u­fac­turing Futures Fund to help firms and employees deal with tech­no­log­ical changes requiring new training, equip­ment, and other assistance.

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