Mass­a­chu­setts’ unem­ploy­ment rate ticked up slightly in July as the state’s economy con­tinued to slow last month, adding just 1,600 jobs, the Mass­a­chu­setts Exec­u­tive Office of Labor and Work­force Devel­op­ment reported Thursday.

The state’s unem­ploy­ment rate rose to 6.1 per­cent, from 6 per­cent in June, the first increase since October 2009. The state job­less rate, how­ever, remains well below the national average, which also rose slightly in July, to 8.3 percent.

It looks like both the state and the nation are growing slowly,” said North­eastern Uni­ver­sity eco­nomics pro­fessor Alan Clayton-​​Matthews. “This was expected given the con­di­tions in the world.”

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