But even some of those pro­grams favor paper. Com­mu­nity Tax Aid of Boston, a non­profit that helps low-​​income tax­payers pre­pare their returns, uses paper returns at four of the five sites where it offers its services.

We’ve dis­cussed moving to Tur­b­oTax and prob­ably will even­tu­ally, but then you have the problem of needing Internet access and printers,” said Michaele Morrow, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity accounting pro­fessor who helps coor­di­nate the Com­mu­nity Tax Aid program.

Nei­ther the state nor the IRS has plans to elim­i­nate the paper forms — at least for now. But finding the forms is going to get tougher as the tax agen­cies not only stop mailing them, but also deliver fewer forms to fewer libraries, com­mu­nity cen­ters, and other locations.

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