Saying the state faces a con­tin­uing public health crisis, Gov­ernor Deval Patrick’s admin­is­tra­tion imposed sweeping restric­tions Tuesday on pre­scribing the pow­erful painkiller Zohydro, just before a ban on the con­tro­ver­sial drug was set to expire.

A fed­eral judge over­turned the state’s ban last week, saying the Patrick admin­is­tra­tion was over­step­ping its authority. But she delayed the deci­sion until Tuesday, giving the gov­ernor time to respond with con­trols he said will allow reg­u­la­tors to mon­itor how the drug is being pre­scribed and used.

The state Board of Reg­is­tra­tion in Med­i­cine approved one restric­tion Tuesday that would require pre­scribers to com­plete a risk assess­ment and pain man­age­ment treat­ment agree­ment with patients before pre­scribing the drug. The agree­ment would require drug screening and mon­i­toring of the number of pills pre­scribed, among other con­di­tions the pre­scriber may find necessary.

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