The Mass­a­chu­setts unem­ploy­ment rate held steady at 6.6 per­cent in November, putting an end to a four-​​month streak of increases, and keeping job­less num­bers well below the national average of 7.7 percent.

About 1,100 jobs were lost last month, the state Exec­u­tive Office of Labor and Work­force Devel­op­ment said Thursday, but year-​​over-​​year num­bers showed the ranks of the employed have grown by 46,600. That increase was par­tially attrib­ut­able to a revi­sion of the October fig­ures — 11,900 jobs were added to the economy instead of the 7,900 pre­vi­ously recorded, offi­cials said.

Alan Clayton-​​Matthews, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity econ­o­mist, said the net job gains made in Mass­a­chu­setts over the last few months were sur­prising given how the US economy sput­tered in the third quarter. The tepid per­for­mance was blamed on the effects of Europe’s reces­sion and a slow­down in Asia and other emerging markets.

I was expecting a fourth quarter where we would see vir­tu­ally no employ­ment growth, [but] we’re actu­ally having mod­erate growth,” Clayton-​​Matthews said.

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