Sales of single-​​family homes and con­do­miniums kept climbing in Mass­a­chu­setts last month as more buyers decided to take advan­tage of his­tor­i­cally low interest rates, ­according to num­bers released Thursday.

There were 3,791 single-​​family homes sold in Sep­tember, an 8 per­cent increase com­pared with the same month last year, according to Warren Group, a Boston com­pany that tracks local real estate. Between Jan­uary and Sep­tember, single-​​family home sales rose nearly 22 per­cent com­pared with the same period in 2011.

Some local housing spe­cial­ists are raising the pos­si­bility of a slow­down in sales over the next few months. Alan ­Clayton-​​Matthews, an econ­o­mist at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, said that an increase in the state job­less rate and the strug­gling economy could put a damper on the market.

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