The total amount of seques­tra­tion cuts in Mass­a­chu­setts is hard to gauge, because spending reduc­tions were often spread out geo­graph­i­cally among a variety of con­trac­tors and sub­con­trac­tors that did work for local com­pa­nies but were not nec­es­sarily located here, budget spe­cial­ists say.

But Alan Clayton-​​Matthews, an econ­o­mist at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, said he has no doubt that fed­eral spending reduc­tions hurt the Mass­a­chu­setts economy, and he warned that the 2011 Budget Con­trol Act agreed upon by the Pres­i­dent and Con­gress still looms as a threat two years from now.

That 2011 deal called for a total of $1.2 tril­lion in deficit reduc­tion over 10 years — a figure that has not changed under the Ryan-​​Murray budget accord.

As long as sequester cuts are around [beyond 2015], we can expect a neg­a­tive impact on the economy in the long term,” said Clayton-​​Matthews.

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