A plate of an Amer­ican flamingo from John James Audubon’s “The Birds of America”; a Johannes Ruysch map, the first obtain­able one to depict America; and a water­color of New York at night by artist Rudolf Daniel Ludwig Cronau are just some of the many items that will be on auc­tion this Wednesday at the Arader Gal­leries on the Upper East Side. The com­bined value of all of the items: an esti­mated $20 million.

Graham Arader, the owner of the gallery, will be donating 25% of the pro­ceeds to sup­port pro­grams at eight uni­ver­si­ties that offer courses teaching stu­dents about world his­tory and sci­ence through the study of early modern maps, art prints and books—pieces just like those on the auc­tion block. (Alter­na­tively, he’ll donate 10% of the price of a piece to the buyer’s charity of choice.) “I asked myself: How do we get kids infected with the same pas­sion that I’ve got?” Mr. Arader, who is 62, said. “I want a 19-​​year-​​old kid to say ‘wow’ when he sees this stuff.”

For more than 20 years, Mr. Arader has been working to get his­toric maps and art­work of the nat­ural world in class­rooms for stu­dents to study.

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