Since New Year’s Eve at least a half dozen pedes­trians have been hit and killed by vehi­cles in the greater Bay Area.

The Dutch have already dealt with this conun­drum over the last few decades with changes that have been praised by trans­porta­tion plan­ners. KCBS inter­viewed an expert on the issue who said we could take a page from their culture.

They think of cities as places for people in which cars (motor vehi­cles) are guests,” said Peter Furth, pro­fessor of civil and envi­ron­mental engi­neering at North­eastern University.

Furth teaches a class about Nether­lands’ street cul­ture and said their dri­vers have a dif­ferent attitude.

They think of pedes­trians and bicy­clists as vul­ner­able road users and it is absolutely every driver’s oblig­a­tion to pro­tect those vul­ner­able users.”

Those atti­tudes are rein­forced with harsh insur­ance penal­ties for dri­vers who strike a pedes­trian or cyclist. They also have a phi­los­ophy that no pedes­trian should ever have to cross more than two lanes of traffic at a time and one would be preferable.

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