If you ask most people, they’d tell you there’s nothing wrong with the stan­dard class­room set-​​up of a black­board and chalk, or a white­board and dry-​​erase markers. Nicholas DePorzio isn’t most people, though. At North­eastern University’s Husky Startup Chal­lenge Demo Day, he took home first prize for Krys­tal­Board, a liquid crystal-​​based writing board. His early pro­to­type takes a few cues from Boogie Board’s line of scratch pads. Func­tion­ally, they’re almost iden­tical: use a stylus to scratch your mes­sage into the panel then, when you’re done, simply press a button to erase it. What DePorzio believes sets his cre­ation apart is the ability to scale to much larger sizes. His first pro­to­type, tossed together in just six weeks, cer­tainly has some rough edges (lit­er­ally, the stand is made from roughly cut card­board boxes). But, with a dif­ferent selec­tion of liquid crystal panels, the hope is that high-​​contrast classroom-​​sized Krys­tal­Boards are well within his reach.

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