Most of us lock our doors every night. We stash our valu­ables out of sight and keep our sav­ings in a bank. But in this increas­ingly dig­ital world, it’s get­ting harder to pro­tect the things we value most, including our privacy.

In the past few weeks alone, Target cus­tomers became the target of a credit card breach and hackers stole pay­checks from Boston Uni­ver­sity employees who use direct deposit. Now, as WGBH News reporter Gail Huff tells us, even our med­ical records depend on soft­ware for security.


  • Chris Eng is the vice president of research at VeraCode, a software security company based in Burlington.
  • Agnes Chan is a computer science professor at Northeastern University and an expert in cryptography and communication security.

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