The sub­stance and tenor of sports radio is sounding like crime and pun­ish­ment once again. Just short of one year ago, the air waves that ordi­narily pro­vide a forum for dis­cussing wins and losses fea­tured instead spec­u­la­tion about whether the NCAA should invoke the “death penalty” against the Uni­ver­sity of Miami foot­ball pro­gram sur­rounding alle­ga­tions of under-​​the-​​table pay­ments to ama­teur ath­letes. And now that same “death penalty” debate has resur­face in rela­tion to much more serious trans­gres­sions involving a Penn State cover-​​up of its former assis­tant foot­ball coach’s rep­re­hen­sible sexual abuse of children.

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