Iran has enlisted celebri­ties, from actors to politi­cians to ath­letes, in a cam­paign to help the gov­ern­ment save the ailing economy.

The cam­paign called “No to Sub­si­dies” is a brain­child of a key adviser to Pres­i­dent Hasan Rouhani and encour­ages Ira­nians to turn down gov­ern­ment cash hand­outs that replaced energy and food sub­si­dies a few years ago.

This month, the country is imple­menting the second phase of an ambi­tious eco­nomic reform plan aimed at sig­nif­i­cantly reducing recip­i­ents of the cash pay­ments and fur­ther cut­ting sub­si­dies on energy, util­i­ties and food. The economy has been stretched thin by tough inter­na­tional sanc­tions and years of mis­man­age­ment. Offi­cials and econ­o­mists say that the gov­ern­ment would face a budget deficit of approx­i­mately $27.5 bil­lion if it kept up this level of payments.

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