The dreadful shooting sprees of the past few months, which claimed dozens of inno­cent lives, shocked and unnerved mil­lions of Amer­i­cans. The specter of some heavily armed madman turning a the­ater, a temple, a mall or a school into his per­sonal battle zone has become all too real and terrifying.

The latest episode still unfolding in Southern Cal­i­fornia impli­cates, oddly enough, a former Los Angeles police officer, 33-​​year-​​old Christo­pher Jordan Dorner, who allegedly is seeking redress for per­ceived mis­treat­ment by the LAPD. Dorner was a member of the depart­ment for three years before losing his badge in 2008, report­edly for lying about a fellow officer. When he was unable to win back his job, murder became, as a man­i­festo attrib­uted to Dorner put it, “a nec­es­sary evil” for him to pre­vail in the face of racism and injustice.

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