In the United States and throughout the world, an impor­tant debate is taking place regarding the costs and ben­e­fits of higher edu­ca­tion. In the post-​​Great Reces­sion era, issues such as employ­a­bility, return on invest­ment, and stu­dent debt levels have come to the fore. A very recent analysis pub­lished by the New America Foun­da­tion, “The Grad­uate Stu­dent Debt Review,” calls atten­tion to growing levels of stu­dent debt incurred in the pur­suit of grad­uate degrees, and calls into ques­tion both public funding for and the utility of master’s degrees. Although this analysis raises some impor­tant points, to paint all grad­uate edu­ca­tion with a neg­a­tive brush ignores the growing demand for and value of master’s degree-​​educated pro­fes­sionals in the economy.

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