In the after­math of the Boston marathon bomb­ings, numerous politi­cians are calling the Gang of 8’s push for immi­gra­tion reform into ques­tion. What lessons can advo­cates learn from 2001?

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    • Christopher Bail @chris_bail (Ann Arbor, MI) Assistant Professor of Sociology at UNC Chapel Hill

    • David Leopold @DavidLeopold (Cleveland, OH) General Counsel and Past President of American Immigration Lawyers Association

    • Elise Foley @elisefoley (Washington, DC) HuffPost Politics and Immigration Reporter

    • Shari Robertson & Michael Camerini @HDWN (New York, NY)Documentary Filmmakers

  • Stephen E. Flynn (Boston, MA) Founding Co-Director of the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security and Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University.

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