Hyper­local news, the Internet’s ver­sion of com­mu­nity jour­nalism, has taken a blow with major cut­backs at AOL’s Patch, but it may not be time to write its obituary.

Scores of hyper­local news sites are oper­ating across the United States, and some say the idea still has promise, and could even thrive with the retrench­ment of corporate-​​run news oper­a­tions like Patch.

Because Patch has been limping along losing money but sup­ported by AOL, that has pre­vented other people from coming in and doing inde­pen­dent local sites,” said Dan Kennedy, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity jour­nalism pro­fessor and author of a book on com­mu­nity online journalism.

AOL said last week it was cut­ting an unspec­i­fied number of jobs at its Patch hyper­local news oper­a­tions, while con­sol­i­dating or closing some Patch sites.

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