Stu­dent enroll­ment in the human­i­ties has also remained stable across the globe, rel­a­tive to total enroll­ment num­bers. “Some places — Ger­many, Mexico, the Nether­lands, and Turkey — have seen a sub­stan­tial increase in the rel­a­tive number of human­i­ties degrees,” said Assis­tant Prof. Ben Schmidt at North­eastern University.

Others, including the United States and Britain, had seen almost no change, he said, while some — including Japan, Aus­tralia, South Korea, Italy, and France — had seen a rel­a­tive decline of about 25 per­cent. “But those declines have occurred in the con­text of growing higher edu­ca­tion sys­tems,” he said. “Only in France and Japan has there been an absolute decline.”

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