There’s been a lot of public and pri­vate hand­wringing within the legal estab­lish­ment in recent years.

There’s anx­iety — and out­rage — over the spi­raling cost of legal edu­ca­tion and the dimin­ishing oppor­tu­ni­ties and salaries for recent law school grads.

And there’s no small dis­sat­is­fac­tion with the ability of those grads to actu­ally prac­tice the law.

Couple that with the down­sizing of major law firms and the out­sourcing of much of the grunt work of the legal pro­fes­sion to machines and for­eign labor, and you have a true crisis of faith.

But the chal­lenges facing us are no dif­ferent from those facing many other con­tem­po­rary indus­tries. Email and other elec­tronic com­mu­ni­ca­tions are killing the post office. Amazon has changed how we shop for just about every­thing, with omi­nous impli­ca­tions for mom and pop stores and big box retailers alike.



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