For those of you that read this blog reg­u­larly, you know the sweet spot for Global Busi­ness Hub con­tent — things that relate Greater Boston to the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity, that cham­pion the some­times unap­pre­ci­ated inno­va­tion that hap­pens here daily, that cham­pion the unpar­al­leled thought lead­er­ship that exists here.

And so with heavy heart I write tonight of a far dif­ferent nature, far later than the daily 11 AM slot at which Global Busi­ness Hub pieces usu­ally post.

This morning, knowing it was a local hol­iday (Patriots’ Day, for those of you not from these parts), with bright blue skies, warm sun, bars and restau­rants full of people taking the day off, an inter­na­tional road race in the 117th run­ning of the Boston Marathon, a Red Sox day game, a Bruins game at night, and Tax Day… it simply made no sense to post any­thing but a place­holder to tell you fine readers to check back in tomorrow. And so that place­holder stood. But a little before 3 PM all that changed with a few gross acts of explo­sive cowardice.

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