Mike Dukakis still remem­bers the scene like it was yes­terday. As a young state law­maker in 1965, he vis­ited the Fer­nald school in Waltham and saw a room packed with dozens of severely dis­abled kids. Many of them were naked, some sit­ting in their own waste, the stench over­pow­ering. Others just rocked back and forth.

Mem­o­ries of that visit stuck with him after he first became gov­ernor. Dukakis proudly recalls signing a con­sent decree to help resolve law­suits filed over con­di­tions at the Fer­nald and sim­ilar schools.

He’ll turn 80 on Nov. 3, and he’s still trying to right the wrongs he wit­nessed five decades ago. Dukakis still works year-​​round as a pro­fessor — at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity for nine months, and the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­fornia for the other three. But he’s also busy trying to drum up sup­port for one of his favorite causes, the New Eng­land Center for Chil­dren.

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