The Demo­c­ratic “super heavy hit­ters” are coming to bat for Eliz­a­beth Warren as she enters the final stretch of her hotly con­tested Senate race with Repub­lican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, a pop­ular late-​​game strategy pun­dits say is more about greasing the get-​​out-​​to-​​vote machine than wooing would-​​be undecideds.

At this point, you’re not changing minds,” North­eastern Uni­ver­sity pro­fessor Alan Schroeder said yes­terday as Warren trekked from Spring­field to Auburn to Boston and Lawrence in a slew of pre-​​Election Day ral­lies. “You’re really just trying to get your sup­porters fired up, just get them to the polling place.”

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